Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sakara records

Sakara records is THE greatest label in Finland! Diablo, Stam1na, Mokoma, Fm2000, Rytmihäiriö, Jarkko Martikainen, YUP, Teräsbetoni, Black bile and Pitbull terrorist are all on Sakara records.
Sakara records youtube channel

If you like metal music you really should check out these band even if you don't understand lyrics. Some of these are pretty underground bands so it is hard to find information in english. Tell me what you like.

These bands are FUUUUUUUKIN' amazing live bands. I've seen them all live.

                    Mokoma - Hei, hei heinäkuu. (Bye, Bye July)

Mokoma - Punainen kukko (Red cock (Nooo, not that cock)

Rytmihäiriö - Koska saatana sanoo niin. (Because Satan says so)

In this video finnish ex-pornstar Rakel Liekki is searching date. Video is pretty weird. Check "Pakkolasku" also.
Stam1na - Lääke (Medicine)

Stam1na - Likainen parketti (Filthy parquet)

FM2000 - Kinukki (Chinaman)

FM2000 - Juvatukka

Diablo - The preacher

Diablo - Icaros HEY IS THAT JAMES HETFIELD?! No it is Rainer Nygård. I think he looks like Hetfield.

Teräsbetoni - Metalliolut (Metalbeer, yep they are singin about beer) Oh, and ignore eurovison bullshit.

Black Bile - Slumber

Pitbull terrorist - End of it all


  1. I haven't heard of any of these man, thanks for turning me on. Great music!

  2. reminds me of old Doomsword, you should check them out

  3. Wow...lots to choose from here. Thanks!

  4. a nice trip to finnish music, thanks for that

  5. nice, good blog man

    + followed:)

  6. Agreed. Rytmihäiriö, stam1na and mokoma are great, especially live!

  7. I like to listen to classical music when im hunting mushrooms

  8. Love your music taste :) Keep it going!

  9. Awesome music. Followed!

  10. please, PLEASE translate Mokoma - Hei, hei heinäkuu, and what the guy says @3:20 to scare the ladies away.